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How Do I Get Started?

The Admissions Process

 There are certain steps that you must take.

Certification courses that a Client Support Professional (CSP) will need in order to service a particular brand/company can take anywhere from one week up to two months to complete. Once you have obtained the required certifications, you are then eligible to begin earning income by providing customer service.

It all starts with the Partner Admissions Process initiated through the PartnerAdmissions website where you:

1. Setup a profile (just a few minutes)

2. Take a brief Voice Assessment (just a few minutes)

3. Complete a background check (a few minutes to a week)

4. Pick which job you want to perform (voice, text, chat)

5. Complete classes: CSP 101/102 (they takes about 2 hours)

6. Take a certification course and then START WORKING FOR YOU!!! (Certifications can be from 1 week to 2 months long, depending on the job).

Which Path is Right for You?  1SourceJobs Inc. offers opportunities with its clients that let you use your customer sales, service or technical support skills.


You have the choice to:

1. Select the Business that you want to work with as a Client Support Professional.

2. Select the Days and number of hours you want to work based upon the company you decide to work with.

After completing the Partner Admissions process…you are well on the way to working on your terms!   Now comes the really fun part…

When you have completed the Partner Admissions process, you will be able to view all of the Client Opportunities available from 1SourceJobs. In other words, you are able to see all of the various brands owned by 1SourceJobs Inc. clients that your business can service that are currently available. You will then:

Select the brand your business wants to service and the certification course that best fits your schedule. Express interest in the specific opportunity/course. Pay for the course – once you are accepted into it. Attend the certification course in order to learn the specifics of the opportunity and more information on the brand and its customers

 – Pass the certification course

 – Begin servicing so that your company can start earning service revenue! 

Do you have more Questions?  Are you Interested in working from Home? You can click on the contact and ask questions or have someone contact you…Just Ask.

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